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Rockford School Prom Dress Guidelines

As an entertainment company, it’s our goal to see students have a great time at prom with the right blend of music programming, true production caliber sound system, and cutting edge lighting and atmospheric effects.

It’s hard not to notice articles on the web about school dances.  In some cases, we’ve seen dances boycotted by students due to school restrictions.  In some of these instances, the students have promoted and held their own events.

The balance for schools and administrators is likely tricky.  On the one hand, they are likely getting feedback from their community about manner of dance (such and grinding) and acceptable dress codes.  On the other hand, providing a safe and controlled venue for students on a Friday or Saturday night is the best thing for students to stay out of trouble.

In the most recent article we’ve come across, a school in Rockford, Illinois has a 21 page presentation for acceptable attire.  (We’ve linked to it here.)  They helped illustrate our opinion of the difficult nature of enforcement, stating “traditional interpretations are often at odds with fashion and cultural trends.”

We understand the school’s guidelines have ruffled a few feathers with the text, “… girls may wear the same dress but due to body types, one dress may be acceptable while the other is not.”

Whether you have a strict dress code or are a student hosting an alternate prom, we’re here to provide high quality entertainment and work with all schools and individuals.

Chicago Prom Trends for 2017

Chicago Prom DJ

What’s hot for Prom 2017? What dresses will be trending? For that, you can visit sites much better suited like David’s Bridal or even get ideas from this Seventeen article.

For the top trending DJs for Chicago and suburban proms, we’re sure to have what your school is looking for.  Our all-inclusive packages include production-caliber sound and lighting, today’s top hits sprinkled with gold standards from yesterday, and our club mixing console featuring Pioneer CDJs.

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Millennials Prefer Cash

According to a recent New York Times article, millennials prefer cash.  Millennials are generally considered to be those born between the early 1980s and early 2000s.

A few reasons cited include millennials have large student loans and perhaps the fact that marriage is occurring later on average.  In that instance, many of the home items and furnishings have already been purchased… sometimes the home, too!

With so many millennials refreshing their iPhone when the newest version comes out each year, they would find having the cash for that much more valuable than, say, a gravy boat.  Having the money for an experience, such as lavish honeymoon, is also on the radar fro many millennials tying the knot.

Interested in setting up some cash wedding registries?  This article has some ideas for you!26FIELDNOTES-master675

Music Library – May Updates

A standout hit we predict will be one of the Summer’s anthems is Bad Blood by Taylor Swift.  Released on May 17 from her 1989 album, we’re expecting it to blow up our request lists.

Will it be your dance floor jam or end up on your do not play list…?


A Pitch Perfect Wedding

On the heels of Pitch Perfect 2 coming out, what do you think of this act put on by bridesmaids at a wedding?  Seemed like a lot of fun to us!


2015 Wedding Trends

We’re about 1/3 of the way through 2015. We enjoyed reading this article on They Knot’s website about wedding trends.

Tell us what trends you’re seeing in 2015 at Chicago weddings.  We’re happy to meet and discuss your vision for your reception.  Check out our wedding page to learn more:



Average Wedding Cost – $31,000

wedding_day“The Knot” is out with its annual “Real Weddings” study and it shows the average wedding cost in 2014 was more than $31,000, up about 4 percent from 2013. The Knot editor-in-chief Rebecca Dolgin joins “CBS This Morning” to reveal the results of the study, first on “CBS This Morning.”

We’d like to believe our Chicago wedding DJ services are priceless, but you can learn more about our services and pricing on our wedding page.  Learn more here >>

Odd Wedding Party Pics

Are we picking on wedding parties recently? Nah, next to the bride and groom, we have so much fun with the bridal parties at our wedding receptions.

Some of these pics are priceless. What’s your wedding horror story?


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26 Signs You’re At An Italian Wedding

italian_weddingWe feel all events are unique.  However, you’ll know pretty quickly if you’re at an Italian wedding with these 26 signs:
1. There are a minimum of 200 guests — and they’ll all be at the church too.

2. There are approximately 20 bridesmaids — all of whom are family members because World War III would have broken out if you’d chosen one cousin but not another.

3. It takes forever to find your seat placement cards because they all have the same names.

4. Cocktail hour includes all the antipasto of your wildest dreams.

5. There are several bottles of wine on every table.

6. It took the bride and groom roughly three months to figure out seating…

7. There’s a veil. And it’s super important.

8. The tarantella will play (at least twice).

9. You’ll hear “Finiculi, Finicula” and “Volare” too.

10. And they’ll all get your little Italian nonna on the dance floor…

11. …just in time for her to ask you and all your single siblings/cousins when you’ll be getting married.

12. Within an hour, all the women will be dancing without shoes.

13. The maid of honor’s speech includes how she can’t wait to be a godmother.

14. If the mother of bride is wearing black, it miiiight be a sign she doesn’t exactly love the groom.

15. There are always *those* family members who wait to put money in the card until the end of the wedding — when they’ve decided if it was a good enough party.

16. And then there’s that one uncle who only makes an appearance at weddings and funerals and who everyone is pretty sure might be in the mob.

17. Viennese hour is NO joke.

18. And it probably includes one of these bad boys (a chocolate fountain).

19. You can bet your bottom dollar the wedding cake has cannoli cream lurking somewhere in its layers.

20. The espresso machine makes a grander entrance than the bride and groom themselves.

21. There are at least a handful of relatives who bring Tupperware for leftovers.

22. There’s a bundle of Jordan almonds on top of the wedding favor.

23. Which is likely yet another ceramic knickknack that’ll go on to collect dust in your junk drawer.

24. And if you’re a New York Italian-American, there’s a high chance you’ve had or been to a wedding here…

25. Any and all gossip by your older guests will be spoken exclusively in Italian.

26. Everyone leaves having had an AWESOME time…because let’s face it: Italians know how to party.

(See original article on Buzzfeed:

Latest Wedding Trend – Lifting Dresses…?


A recent article on the website Elite Daily points to this wedding trend popping up on social media.

Based on the pics in the article (easy now, we read the article, too), it’s not likely we’d see this as the DJ at wedding in Chicago.  The pics seem to be taken outside at the venue or another scenic location.  So whether or not it’s a trend here is something you’ll have to let us know.

For a while, it seemed the photo of the wedding party in mid-air seemed to be the “in” photo.  Is this its replacement?

Whether you think it’s tacky or trendy, you can count on our wedding DJ entertainment to keep the party going.